Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glowdoodle Animator

I've been experimenting with a version of glowdoodle that lets you make stop-motion animations. Here's one I created with it:

You can try it out too! Bear in mind that this is experimental software, so no guarantees.
  • Just click to clear each frame, then create the next one.
  • This version uses "onion skinning," meaning you can see a faint overlay of the previous frame to help you align things.
  • Press space to watch a preview of your animation
  • Press escape to exit, and you will have a quicktime movie saved in the glowdoodle animator folder.
Glowdoodle Animator for mac
Glowdoodle Animator for windows (also follow the installation instructions)


  1. Replies
    1. sorry about that. are you on mac or windows? what version?

  2. I like this version because I can use it with students without GlowDoodle uploading the photos to the Internet. Any chance of releasing a version of GlowDoodle that saves to a local drive? Thanks for this program: it is so awesome with an LED spray can!

    1. Glad you're enjoying Glowdoodle! The version of glowdoodle that you can download from the homepage lets you save images locally. Just press the s key. You won't see any feedback on the screen, but when you quit glowdoodle you should see images saved in the same folder as the app